More Social Opportunities

Strawberry picking field trip.

We have gatherings outside of AMC normal meetings throughout the year.

One night a month, our Book Club meets at a different restaurant around town. Don’t worry — even if you aren’t able to finish the book it is completely okay (and common) to come out and share some grown up time.

We have a Moms’ Night Out one night a month. This is another chance for Mama to refuel with grown up friends and eat a meal with two hands and without having to cut up someone else’s food. We understand, though, if you need to bring your baby since the evening hours can be so tricky!

Occasionally we have Moms’ Breakfast Out on weekends. Often we communicate with each other through Facebook to set up impromptu play dates and activities out and about, as well.

Other gatherings include picnics, holiday parties, and field trips to kid-friendly places such as local farms, museums, and firehouses. Any member is welcome to help out with coordinating these efforts or to suggest ones we may not have done before.

An occasional Dads’ Night Out is also available for dads who are looking to get to know other dads.