All Mothers’ Center activities are the result of decisions by the Steering Committee and its working committees. Since we are non-hierarchical, we offer every member a chance to have a voice in the workings of the Center, through general meetings, as well as through the Steering Committee. All decisions are made by consensus rather than by a majority and all meetings are open to any member who would like to attend. Current coordinators and chairs are as follows:

Spring 2016 AMC Positions

Coordinator: Erin Hacker

Co-coordinator: Jessica Groves-Chapman

Treasurer: Emily Johnson

Secretary/Fundraising: Taylor Evans

In Reach: Kelly Goodwin

Food 2 Kids: Rachel Marchette

Publicity: Adele Daniels

Web: Dakota Bridges

Kindermarket: Kelly Goodwin

Babysitting Co-op Admin: Taylor Evans

Facebook Admins: Ruby Basham, Loreal Ing Brooks, Nissa McKinney, Emily Johnson, and Erin Hacker